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Affordable Health Insurance: Colorado

The attempt to gain affordable health insurance in Colorado is a hot topic and one that you are virtually required to become immersed in because of its importance to your finances and health. Colorado health insurance is ever-changing as it is all across the nation, which requires you to stay abreast of what is going on to learn as much as possible to get the coverage you deserve at a price your budget can handle.

Affordable Health Insurance in Colorado: What Does it Cost?

The average cost of an individual yearly Colorado health insurance policy in 2009 was $2,777, while a family plan averaged $5,939. This compares to the national average of $2,985 and $6,328. Even though medical insurance in Colorado is a bit cheaper than in other areas of the nation, it is still a considerable amount of money. That means, it can be worth your while to shop around as much as possible to find the best rates out there.

Affordable Health Insurance in Colorado: Where Can I Get Help?

Fortunately, there is help available for those seeking Colorado health care insurance. Not everyone can afford or qualify for a quality medical insurance plan. This is when you may need some help. Colorado offers some help in a variety of forms. If you are unable to find employee-sponsored coverage or private health insurance in Colorado, you may qualify for one of the following programs. radon testing colorado springs


  • CoverColorado
  • GettingUSCovered
  • Colorado Indigent Care Program
  • Child Health Plan Plus
  • Women’s Wellness Connection
  • Medicare
  • Colorado Health Plan (Medicaid)
  • VA Medical Benefits Package
  • Indian Health Services
  • Health Care Tax Credit


Affordable Health Insurance in Colorado: Where Do I Find It?

To get detailed information on any of the above programs, you can visit the website of the Colorado Division of Insurance. If you would rather get in touch with them personally, here is there contact information.

1560 Broadway, Suite 850

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 894-7499

In addition to information concerning the state run programs, you will also find information on ever-changing insurance regulations, information on health care insurance companies and even tips on how the shop for affordable health insurance in Colorado.

Affordable Health Insurance in Colorado: Who Offers It?

In addition to the medical insurance options offered by the state of Colorado, there are plenty of private options for those who don’t qualify for state options or wish to seek out coverage on their own. The following companies offer a variety of medical insurance plans.


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