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Finding and Working With Legitimate Wholesalers – Helpful Tips

If you want to create a sustainable income for yourself by selling products online, you should find a reliable wholesaler. However, due to internet scams, many middle-men misrepresent themselves as a wholesale drop shipper. This way, many online businesses are unable to find the products at real wholesale prices and ultimately, they end up losing money which they could have earned if they would have been dealing with real wholesalers.

Therefore in this article, I will mention some helpful tips to find and work with legitimate wholesalers.

1 РGet Sales Tax ID: Just like you are looking for legitimate wholesalers, real wholesalers are looking for legitimate retailers. Therefore, you might need to provide your sales tax ID to real wholesalers to get yourself verified that you are a legal business. Wholesale Garlic

2- Real Wholesalers never disclose prices until Retailer Sign up with them and get verified:Real wholesalers are very careful about disclosing the prices of wholesale products. They keep it secret until you are verified as a legitimate retailer and sign up with them. Wholesalers keep their prices undisclosed due to two main reasons. First of all, it would become very difficult for them to compete with other wholesalers if they will keep their prices public. Secondly, by keeping their prices undisclosed, they protect retailers as well because if consumers will be able to go to any wholesale website and check the prices, they would never willing to pay the retail mark-up.

3- Wholesalers reduce the price as you increase your order volume: The higher the volume that you order, the better the price-per-piece you would get from wholesalers as wholesalers make their profits by selling in volume. This is a main reason that when retailers buy products in small quantities, most of the time they find higher wholesale prices. On the other hand, if they would buy same products from same wholesalers in higher volume, they get low wholesale prices.

4- Setting up a wholesale account takes time: If you will setting up an account with real wholesalers, you should keep it in mind that it would take some time as they would need to collect, verify and process the information to make sure that your business is a good match for their product. Therefore, if it would be taking time, you should try to stay patient as it would be for your own good.

5- Wholesale suppliers charge a refundable deposit to set up an account: You should keep it in mind that if a supplier is charging you an account set up fee or monthly account maintenance fee, you are dealing with a scammer as legitimate wholesaler never charge either of these fees. However, real wholesale supplier will require a small refundable deposit to set up your account in their database.

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