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Five Modern Amenities for New Student Housing

The days of cramming into dorm rooms the size of closets are long gone. Recent upgrades to many student housing complexes have created newer and better accommodations that appeal to many young adults. Here, we explore some of the new amenities available for people living on campuses.

1. High-Speed Internet

Connectivity is high on the list of must-haves for many college students. To keep up with this demand, student housing must offer high-speed WiFi for residents. It is important to note that these young adults are not light Internet users. They often multi-task online by using more than one device at a time, streaming, downloading, and playing video games simultaneously. To accommodate this demand, many facilities are equipped to handle approximately ten devices for every resident. Students also need Wi-Fi access in all common areas as well. Property owners must make Internet access available throughout the property.

2. Extensive Common Areas

Young people are venturing out of their rooms with more frequency when they live in student housing. With this social trend, common areas are becoming more important. Depending on the climate, the facility may need to offer both indoor and outdoor areas to provide residents with plenty of social options. Coffee lounges, bars, pools, outdoor grilling areas, and clubhouses are just a few of the common areas desired by young adults.

3. Keyless Entry

When attending college, each student receives an identification card allowing them to gain passage to campus buildings and classrooms. Along the same lines, dorm rooms and accommodations are now utilizing the same identification system for individual units. On some campuses, residents receive an access code on their smartphone. By bringing up the code on the smartphone, it is possible to open locked doors without a key.

4. Fitness Centers student houses in lancaster

Health and fitness are common priorities for young people. For this reason, many housing facilities are offering fitness centers equipped with the latest technological gadgets. Exercisers can view televisions mounted on walls, and recordings of instructors are available to lead group exercise classes on demand. A healthy assortment of exercise equipment is also available for people who wish to workout via old-school methods such as treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles, and free weights.

5. Study Rooms

Study rooms are a hot commodity due to the college atmosphere. Technology is an important factor when exploring the amenities available in study rooms. Individual desktop systems are often available to enable people to perform homework with new software programs. It’s often also possible to digitally stream classes on these systems. Residents can use smartboards while working in the study rooms. Smartboards can be useful for a variety of applications, from advanced calculus to visual arts. At the end of the study session, it is a simple thing to send the work to a smartphone or even turn a finished assignment in to a professor by email.

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