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HVAC Repair And You – What You Need to Know

Some people may hear the phrase HVAC repair and they may not even know what it means. But, especially during those hot summers and cold winters that phrase can come to mean. It means the difference between sweltering heat or trying to stay warm under every blanket you own. HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Cooling and can make a huge impact on the comfort level in your home or elsewhere. You may not notice it working, but you would definitely notice if it stopped working! furnace repair nj

One question many people have about HVAC repair relates to the most common types of problems that can arise with these systems. There are a huge variety of problems that can befall one of these systems but they can be broken down based on whether they have to do with heating, ventilation, or air conditioning. One of the most common heating problems is the heat pump of the HVAC system getting iced up during the winter. This is a problem because an iced up heat pump cannot deliver heat into the home very efficiently, if at all. Many heat pumps do automatically run a defrost cycle which, in most instances, should effectively remove any ice built up on a heat pump in the middle of winter. However, when this function does not run as it should and the entire heating unit is covered in ice, the coils of the heating unit cannot efficiently provide heat to the home. There are several causes for this problem, some of which, such as drainage around the unit, can be fixed by the homeowner. However, if the problem is caused by something such as the fan’s motor or problems with the defrost sensor, this should be fixed by a professional.

A common air conditioning and heating issue is high electric bills. While our units may be keeping us cool or warm, they may not be running as efficiently as possible and this can put some strain on our pocketbooks. Depending on where you live, this can be an issue that HVAC repair professionals encounter in the winter, summer, or even both. There are a few easy things you can check to help your unit run more efficiently. Maybe your windows are not sealed tightly and are letting cool or warm air escape your home. This forces your unit to work harder to get the inside of your home to be the temperature you desire. Some of the causes of this problem you can fix yourself. Snow piled up against the heating unit can cause a problem, as well as dirty air filters and a poorly insulated house. However, for something more serious, such as undersized equipment or a low refrigerant charge, you should call a professional to come fix the problem.



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