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Psychology of Greed in Currency Trading

When Greed Hits You

I know when I am trading when greed has hit me and wants to take over. I have these mixed feelings of excitement and elation and nothing else matters. The feeling I get makes me believe I can not be wrong. In fact how could I be wrong when the last one, two, three four or more trades have gone my way. I am on a roll, invincible. Then greed kicks in. I move my position up a little, then I have a wider stop because it doesn’t matter anyway after all I can not be wrong. I even look at entering trades that are not strategy set ups.

When you get the feeling of invincibility in trading and start getting the feelings and doing the actions outlined above then it is important to stop. Greed can take over in one second and send you in a spin which can easily wipe out any winnings or worse still reduce your equity curve to zero. 대여계좌

Dealing with Greed

We all face situations in our lives when we need to deal with greed. This does not have to relate to money. Indeed there are issues with being greedy around food, possessions, time with people and so on. To deal with the whole issue on greed could take some time and would require a large amount of writing space. I am going to stick with the issue of greed when it comes to trading. When I talk about trading it can refer to forex, options, futures, stocks, commodities, indices and any other financial instrument. Here are my six tips for dealing with greed in the trading environment that I will discuss further.

  1. Only ever trade your Strategy
  2. Stick to your Trading Rules
  3. Only risk between 1% and 3% depending on market conditions
  4. Always have your Position Size relative to your Risk
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Do your own Analysis

Only ever trade your Strategy

I have an excellent mentor who has shown me several strategies regarding trading. I tested these strategies to assess if they worked for me and I could use them to fit into my trading schedule. I am using one of the strategies for a more longer term approach which can net between 100 and 500 pips in a weeks worth of price action. If I do not see a trade that is set up with my strategy I simply do no trade.

The markets have been around for many years and I am sure they will be round for more to come so as long as you know you can get a good number of pips from your strategy per month then there’s no need to force the trade. For me I actually do not want to stress out and trade all day, every day so my strategy is great for me.

Have a set of rules within your strategy that tell you what criteria you are looking for to enter the market. The criteria should include when you could exit and the value within the market. As with all these rules the emotion is taken out of trading when you become more mechanical. So you have a tick list once all criteria are met and you have value in the market then the trade is good to go otherwise stay away.

Stick to your Trading Rules

Have a set of trading rules that you stick to like glue. This is critical to trading and will help take the emotion out of trading. You do not want to be haphazard with your trading for sure so you must have some guidelines set out detailing your behavior towards trading. So for example part of your rules will be which markets you trade, the times you trade, the time you will dedicate to trading each day and so on. This is sometimes referred to as a trading plan.

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