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Simple Guide To Clean Your Door Glass

This article will be very helpful for all people who have door glass. At the first time you install the door, it makes the bathroom looks nice. After several weeks, the door glass turns to be a night mare. Instead of sparkling, it makes the bathroom looks dirtier. Garage Door Refinishing

Having door glass will enhance your bathroom appearance but you need to maintain it carefully. The most common stain in the door glass is water stain. Water stain is hard to remove. If you have the stain, you can start to clean it by using alcohol. You can have rubbing alcohol to clean the stain. This is the most effective method for accumulated stain. You can spray the stain with the alcohol and wipe it with cloth.

You may also use detergent, chemical that is usually used to remove stain on fabric. You can pour it on a cloth. Then, you can use the cloth to scrub the stain thoroughly. It will remove the stain. You can also get good odor from the detergent for your bathroom.

You can also try to do other method using lemon. Cut the lemon and rub it on the stain. Rub the inside part on the glass. You need to wait for several minutes before you wipe it off. If you think lemon will waste your time, you can use chemical cleaner. This chemical will clean the stain although you will need to scrub it with your power. This cleansing can be bought in any market

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